My Vision

My aim is to inspire, encourage, and empower YOU to become the happiest, healthiest and most powerful version of yourself by using amazing techniques that I have practiced over many years - both in the performance and personal arenas.
Everything that I coach, I have mastered and experienced for myself.
I'm passionate about helping you gain inner peace, happiness, love, and liberating and expanding your unique individual voice - as so many of us have forgotten how special we truly are - and what we are infinitely capable of!

We live in a world where we are surrounded by noise .... noise of the media, noise in our heads, noise in relationships.... and too often now I am seeing ex media personalities sadly ending their lives way too soon.

From my experience, I have found  we can  live our lives with recurring patterns occurring, which have usually  stemmed from early on in childhood, or a traumatic event that’s our minds’ have locked away in secure files - only they are still there - locked away, they have not been resolved.

Once the authentic self is heard, and any learnings completed, a huge freedom occurs, and any inner walls previously trapping us, are literally broken down!

I have found that by tackling the various root causes of different life patterns - or life “sentences”, the change to someone can be dramatic and life changing in an extremely positive way, and NLP gives me a magical toolbox!

There is always someone out there to talk to and a different perspective to note as to any situation.... life is a gift! I choose to unwrap it with care, and treasure it - and even if a few tears occur along the way, that’s ok, the present is intact!

Life is full of choices ... so why not choose excellence? 

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master NLP Practitioner

My Story

My background is within the music industry as a professional touring singer. I am absolutely passionate about life!

My experience comes actually from both sides of the stage 🙂

I'm the lead singer for the world famous number 1 chart act Urban Cookie Collective who had a big hit with The Key The Secret in 1993 - and have fronted the act for 20 years. I am lucky enough to tour the world doing this - and I love my job! There’s never a dull experience - I have performed in front of audiences 100,000 strong!

I am also a professional speaker with 20 years in the Entertainment industry under my belt, a signed singer songwriter with 5 top 10 chart hits to date, and have managed 2 worldwide top 10 chart bands! I speak for many different events, schools, charities, clubs and universities. I'm also an after dinner speaker,and a working enrichment lecturer on a variety of well established and beautiful Cruise Lines.

I have also managed two worldwide top 10 chart acts - one called Point Break, and one called Freefaller.

A couple of years ago alongside my singing career, I began volunteering on various charitable projects and found that I had the ability to make a difference to peoples' emotional states, however, I found my energy levels often depleted.
I decided to take action and went on to study tried and tested techniques that I felt would help me focus my energy in a more constructive way; so I took a series of courses, and successfully completed my NLP Master practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching qualifications.

What I didn't expect to find on my journey was a complete healing of my own! My training unearthed a specific emotional trauma from my childhood, that had become a series of life long debilitating and painful patterns which all culminated in a lack of self worth.
I had also been left with physical manifestations of a burning in my chest, which I had lived with for many years assuming it was related to a physical health condition. On discovering the root of my self worth issues, the burning in my chest was lifted, and life then became so calm even in times of challenge thanks to my new found balance!

I am (relatively) young and fresh and different - and I LOVE what I do and what I have done …. I like to think that people come away from my sessions, from my talks, from my performances, renewed and inspired - having been on a journey. I have lived through some unique experiences..


Danielle Barnett

The Now Coach
The Now Coach
The Now Coach
Hi everyone!

My name is Danielle Barnett, and I’m also known as theNOWcoach.
I am an NLP master practitioner, and a Law Of Attraction life coach.

I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote straight from the heart - Back When The Earth Stood Still .. Our beautiful planet has all the resources it needs to repair itself - all it needs is the precious gift of time. We can all make a difference - and "I hope we never choose to forget" the things we have learned from the situation we have all found ourselves in xx

On my channel I want to share with you my thoughts, and also techniques that have the power to transform your life!! I want to share with you the tools that have worked in so many incredible ways for me, so that you too can align yourself and travel smoothly on to your highest purpose.

Please comment, like, subscribe and SHARE this video to support my new channel, and let me know feedback! I’m always looking to learn too xx

When it comes to increasing your vibrational frequency WORDS, LANGUAGE and THOUGHTS are so important!
How we talk, invites not only what we think about ourselves, but also the perception of our worlds!
To increase the power of the law of attraction and our connection with the infinite energy that governs the universe - we must align ourselves to its vibration and RAISE our vibrations to match it – just like tuning in to a station on a radio!.

Thank you for watching xx
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Thank you for watching!
with love xx

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The Now Coach
The Now Coach
The Now Coach
The Now Coach
Until a very special moment!!! Watch this space!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ excited Xxxx
The Now Coach
The Now Coach
LIVE Therapy Talks - about CHOICE.

We have so many choices in life on a daily basis - and many different areas will be covered with different techniques to help you manage any challenges you experience from “choices” that you are making at this time xxx

We are all here to help ❤️😇 xxx

We look forward to seeing you xxx sending love and light ❤️❤️

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The Now Coach

Next Steps...

If you are interested in my services, please see the various packages available, which will be tailored to meet each clients individual requirements - and do feel free to contact me for more information on  07802 841652