Hello and welcome to my website! I'm very excited to have you here x

I’m a huge believer that you really can get ANYTHING your heart desires as long as you are ready mentally, emotionally, spiritually (and of course vocally if you are invested in the performance arena!!)
My life successes have been immeasurable... as the lead singer of Urban Cookie Collective I have performed all over the world to hundreds of thousands of people! And I continue to do so to this day - I saw it, I believed it and I am achieving every dream I have had... and there’s so much more in the pipeline I am visualising too!!

Urban Cookie Collective gig

As a speaker, I am grateful to be cruising the world, experiencing new destinations and meeting people from every walk of life!! There really are so many wonderful people in this world and I continue to learn and get inspired from this every day!! Xx
I have been on a winding road to get to this destination, but it has been an invaluable journey of learning and belief in myself to get here 🙂
As a band manager I had a clear vision - I saw the bands that I managed in the charts, performing at Wembley and touring to massive crowds - and Yes!! Together we succeeded... 3 top 10 UK chart hits and a number 1 album in Asia, an advert with Brad Pitt starring in it (the royalties of which I bought my house!) and so many great memories! Of course it was a period of intense learning, but I never gave up on my vision and it was strong all the way throughout the years!!
As a vocal coach I have had wonderful success, not only with my bands, but one of my pupils, Molly Rainford, came 3rd In Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 - I have had other pupils continue on to west end theatre, be successful on other TV shows and together we have been able to achieve their dreams ... with the right state of mind and determination the dream becomes a reality!
As an entrepreneur, I had a dream - the product we invented was a solution to bad guitar cable transmission and interference - we invented the worlds first analog optical guitar cable and we called it the LightLead. Myself and my partner David Holmes created a perfect guitar transmission which was used to record Coldplay’s last album, and we achieved 2 granted patents and a trademark. We also were successful on the TV show Dragon’s Den which we appeared on in 2016, to an audience of over 3 million people worldwide. My crystal clear vision once again became triumphant.

Dragons' Den 2016

Intention and Direction is key ... what’s stopping you? Is it time for change?

Release Your Inner Sparkle - SUCCESS STARTS HERE 🙂


Vocal Coaching

I have been a vocal coach for over 20 years, and I have a fresh and energetic approach to teaching – practice is encouraged to achieve premium results. I focus on breathing and warm up techniques firstly, working on expanding the vocal range during the warm up – progressing to mastering songs that the clientwants to learn – working on performance, emotion, breathing and diction amongst many other things!

I love working with pupils to gain their confidence both for their singing and in life in general  A positive attitude and encouragement makes a real difference to all areas of life and singing can be a real release

I work in a relaxed, and friendly atmosphere to release your full potential as an individual or as an artist.


NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy

I have Life Coach certification, and I’m very proud to say I have Master NLP certification, which covers a wide range of techniques – including conditions such as Anxiety, Trauma, Phobia, Confidence, Values. I also have obtained certification as a clinical hypnotherapist which covers all areas of hypnosis, and includes Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, and Pain management.


Public Speaking

I offer sessions for public speakers, which may involve helping the client to streamline entertaining and informative talks. Another main area I work in is Confidence coaching – this can be extremely helpful for all areas of the industry and corporate world, by using powerful NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to conquer any public speaking fears.


Next Steps...

If you are interested in my services, please see the various packages available, which will be tailored to meet each clients individual requirements - and do feel free to contact me for more information on  07802 841652