"Absolutely LOVING my 30 day challenge! Seeing my life in a completely different perspective! Life is good!"

Kelly, UK, August 2020



"This is going to be amazing I can feel already! Xxx"

Joanne Baxter, UK, November 2020


"Dear Danielle, Thank you for the amazing NLP session last week. The insight I gained about how I was sabotaging my life by repressing certain emotions has made a huge difference already. Your warmth and kindness gave me a safe place to share my problem. You helped me to change my mindset and the feeling of freedom and lightness is amazing. I love the new me! Thank you again and I wish you continuing success in your practice – you deserve it!" 

Kate Ryley, France, April 2018


 “I had the opportunity to work with Danielle on some worries I had from the past. She is so reassuring and passionate about what she does and her treatment with NLP was really helpful… Thanks Danielle.”
Carmen, Brighton, UK, 2018. 


“Just been explaining to my husband about our session this afternoon and how powerful it was for me. I feel strangely complete like I’ve been reunited with my lost inner child. Stronger and less anxious. I’m so grateful Danielle and just want to tell you how wonderful you are, and you’re going to be so fantastic in helping so many people.”

Nikki, Romford, 2018


"I can’t thank Danielle enough for giving me the confidence to sing a special song at my partner’s recent 50th birthday party. But the whole experience with Danielle went much deeper than simply showing me how to breathe properly or to hit certain notes which had previously lain undiscovered! I found the sessions hugely uplifting on so many levels. I could not recommend Danielle highly enough and whilst I have no particular designs on “performing” again in public, I am determined to continue with Danielle because of the positive impact she had on my health and wellbeing."

Alan Bentley March 2019 


Nick McEwen

How do you turn a dancer into a singer in just 7 days? … I really do not know, but Danielle does! My daughter (11) is an accomplished dancer but she suddenly found herself facing an audition that required singing. In just 7 days, Danielle gave her the tools, the confidence and the ability to sing in front of strangers and pass with flying colours. Thank you so much Danielle … your help and guidance was priceless :


Molly Rainford 

Molly has been having singing lessons with Danielle for the past 4 years - from the age of 8 and she is now 11. Over the years, Danielle has made Molly's voice more mature and controlled, working with her range which has increased from 2 octaves to over 3 octaves today. She has helped her confidence grow massively, and has given her the ability to show off her stage presence - and she is now encouraged and able to make songs her own, confidently. Ad libbing and harmonising now comes with ease. Danielle brings out the best in Molly and Molly loves working with her - and overall we have become very good friends too. Sarah Rainford (Mollys mum)


I started having singing lessons with Danielle last year and my confidence and ability has grown from strength to strength. She has a very professional but easy-going approach to her lessons and her enthusiasm encourages me as a student.  In just a few months Danielle and her techniques have gently expanded my vocal range and I now have an understanding on how to use my diaphragm.  We have been working on diction, emotion and breathing control. I have recently sung at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London in front of an audience of 1,200 guests.  Although feeling very nervous, Danielle has taught me breathing techniques to control my nerves and how to perform to the audience. Using her techniques, I was able to deliver the performance and enjoy myself. I enjoy having lessons with Danielle, because of her enthusiastic approach, the training is effective but most of all we always have so much fun.  

Chelsey Johnson

Speaker Feedback for PRINCESS Cruises
Speaker Feedback for PRINCESS Cruises