Before you get started, let me ask you a question...

Would you like to work with The Now Coach?

For £10 you can get 1 x Coping with Anxiety Course.

10 Training techniques spread over 10 days!

Just 10 minutes per day, to retrain your brain into a place of calm and present.

These 10 sessions will show you how to master 10 easy to do techniques which you will be able to put into practise on a daily basis,

giving you the tools to cope with any challenges you face.

For £30 you can get 1 x Confidence Challenge Course.

Do you remember the confidence you used to have?

Do you remember when every challenge was just that... something that you were able to overcome?

Would you like to feel that way again?

I created the course during a challenging time in our history.

The power that this Covid-19 pandemic has had over our humanity has been extremely intense and there are so many people struggling with confidence issues, both internally and externally at this time. Not knowing who or what we can trust.

Well there is an answer!

Once we learn how to trust our-self, we can regain the trust of our environment and the world around us!

This 30 day course will take you back to the places that are needed to be revisited, so once again you can unlock the powerful and resourceful you that may have been hidden away!

Start right now... what's stopping you?


For £40 you can get 1 x Vocal Coaching Session.

I'm in a unique position as I'm the lead singer for the world-famous number 1 chart act Urban Cookie Collective who had a big hit with The Key, The Secret in 1993 - and have fronted the act for 20 years.

This gives me an edge and understanding of what you may feel. I am lucky enough to tour the world doing this - and I love my job!

There’s never a dull experience - I have performed in front of audiences 100,000 strong!


For £75 you can get the "Life" package.


This covers 1 NLP and Hypnotherapy Coaching Session only.


For £200 you can get the "Stage Ready" package.


This covers two NLP/Hypnotherapy coaching sessions, alongside two Vocal Coaching sessions.


I am a professional speaker with 20 years in the Entertainment industry under my belt, a signed singer songwriter with 5 top 10 chart hits to date, and have managed 2 worldwide top 10 chart bands!


I speak at many different events, schools, charities, clubs and universities. I'm also an after-dinner speaker, and a working enrichment lecturer on a variety of well-established and beautiful Cruise Lines.

I have also managed two worldwide top 10 chart acts - one called Point Break, and one called Freefaller.

Urban Cookie Collective gig

If all my sessions did was show you how to feel free from negativity, would it be worth it?

If all the sessions did was help you get rid of feelings of guilt and shame, would it be worth it?


Of course it would!

Why wait?

Get the tools and skills immediately!

Start feeling great!

Just imagine what life will be like when you approach it with more confidence?



Say YES to a NEW YOU.


Contact me now for a complimentary 'get to know you' call where

I can find out all about your needs and worries.


Let's move forward!

Danielle XX

Dragons' Den 2016

Next Steps...

If you are interested in my services, please see the various packages available, which will be tailored to meet each clients individual requirements - and do feel free to contact me for more information on  +44 7802 841652