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You've heard people say truth is relative, truth is sometimes subjective.
But what does truth mean really?
And how do you know when someone's truth just isn't true?

Well truth can be an elusive concept that some love to debate about, but the fact of the matter is truth is something very personal and it requires a certain amount of self awareness.
The truth is - truth varies from person to person.
How you define your truth may not be what someone else defines it as.
Yet, whatever your version of truth might be it can act as an effective guide to direct our lives.
If we choose to follow it.
But how easy (or hard) can it sometimes be for us humans to actually identify or recognise our own truth?

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That, and other topics around truth get covered in this episode of Real Therapy.

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Out Tomorrow!!!! A new REAL THERAPY podcast!!
The topic we are discussing is “Truth”

I really hope you can get value from these podcasts as much as we got value from making them.

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The power of a voice!!! Xx
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You ARE magic!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ xxx